Topic: what do you think the Egyptian boss was?

theres a song in the OST called "Egyptian boss" and thats pretty confusing as nowhere else is there an Egyptian boss. theres a lot of grey area involving it. and i have many questions like "what was the pattern like?" and "what would the boss even be?" but i have a theory for the answer of the latter. Chaz. Chaz has a lot of grey area as well but could he have been the boss to an Egyptian zone?


Re: what do you think the Egyptian boss was?

First off, there's no such thing as an "Egyptian Boss" theme. That was just the Guardian Sphinx theme. Second, there was infact an Egyptian Boss. 2 of them actually. One was namely the Egyptian Sentry, it was a boss similar to the Sandopolis mini-boss from S3&K. It's as basic as it could get, there was even a sprite sheet for this character by Chris Senn. Another one was the Guardian Sphinx based on the song from the OST, it was a boss that ascended from the sand and Sonic had to hit the sphinx in his head in order to defeat him. All of these bosses took place in Red Sands, which was infact an Egyptian zone. There was a test level that had sphinxes with colorful textures. This whole Egyptian Boss mystery was debunked a very long time ago, as Senn already mentioned all of this.

Sidenote: Chaz has nothing to do with the Egyptian Boss, it's simply a character Senn created for a concept that's COMPLETELY unrelated to Xtreme.

Yeah thanks for the advice, Captain Obvious...
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