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Topic: Someone to keep these forums alive (hello btw)

Sup beaches! The sea is lookin' salty, ay???? And those orcas look, how do I lay it? Fishy... Ooh lala! Looks like the baby is on board, huh! Stop clowning, ya big bass!
Sorry, I won't post anything retarded like this. Anywho. Hello there, fine one. My name is SoupMob (ignore the 32 please, my original account got deactivated, therefore I couldn't use my actual username), I use the who/whom/whomst/whomst'd pronouns. JK, I use the he/him pronouns. What can I say? 14 year old, cisgender male, super straight (heterosexual), favorite color is olive green. Basic stuff, but all you need to know is, I am SoupMob and that is it. You can call me Soup, if you want. But what's so special about me? Nothing, lel. But I am a huge fan of Classic Sonic, SRB2 (kinda overrated IMO), Adult animation or as I like to call it: "Animations I shouldn't be watching, but unlike the majority of minors (wtf), I'm actually mature to comprehend pop culture references and sex jokes." animation, Music (french house, electro, metal, rock, house, techno, dubstep, etc...), Angry Birds, Minecraft, Super Mario, Daft Punk, deadmau5, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Justice, GoAnimate (fuckin' POS), Cartoons, gaming consoles and of course, Sonic Xtreme, which is the reason why I joined this forum. I would go on and on, but quite frankly, I don't want to do a list of my obsessions. I feel like this is a place where I can share my stuff with everybody (despite the fact this forum is dead and will probably shut down in less than 5 years, no offense Xenic and Andrew.), because as a fan of SX, I find this stuff fascinating and intriguing! And also tragic and fateful. I know this forum has no association with Xtreme, it's all about AXSX, RIP BTW. But seeing how many people used this forum to discuss random Xtreme shit, makes it feel like a Senntient revival, and hey! That's the spirit! Gotta keep those Xtreme fans alive! Despite the fact we haven't seen them in like billion trillion quadrillion years. sad But whatever. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Andrew, if you're reading this post, a big hug to you for being the absolute fucking legend of the Xtreme community. Same with Senn.

SoupMob  big_smile

(P.S. I occasionally bump into old posts too, and my posts are a bit NSFW-ish. Cause i'm stupid.)
(P.S.S. I will continue the topic by making parts, because: 1. It requires more than 5 posts, or else my account will get suspended [bullshit BTW]; 2. I want to talk about more about my influence in the forums [though I can't do it now because I am losing my train of thought. Have you seen how friggin' ginormous this is?!].)

EDIT: Just noticed this is the 50th topic. Huh, neat.


Re: Someone to keep these forums alive (hello btw)

Well, I have nothing better to do and since my account will expire in 5 days. I might as well do this thing, because yes. I haven't kept up with Xtreme related stuff, so might as well, as they say... "Shut up and get on it.".