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Topic: Researching v718

I found an alternative for Takcheck that doesn't need MSDOS called TextureFinderv132, with it i could view the data like how Andrew and Daguar did years ago. I'm still figuring out the hex adresses for stuff on 0.bin so by now i found this:

Metal Sonic stage floor plane layout: 0x9AE17
Metal Sonic stage and clouds palette: 0x9CE17
Clouds plane layout: 0x9D017

If someone wants to join this research, just reply here smile.


Re: Researching v718

good day mate where’s the source to the this?


Re: Researching v718

A old post  Andrew made: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php … ing.36818/

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Re: Researching v718


HUD textures: 0x937F8
Metal Sonic stage and clouds textures: 0x95598

so the alleged unused textures must be somewhere else, give me hints!


Re: Researching v718

Another update: Andrew sent me some notes with every single pointer inside the game so i pretty much have everything. tongue