Topic: Had an XTREMEEEE Dream last night

So last night I had a dream about Xtreme, specifically the new worlds stage. If you recall, in the video, https://youtu.be/6IOd0mQ-uXE?t=1m15s around this mark, there's balloons that Sonic walks into and they float upwards.

In the dream, these actually had a purpose, since I think they were just for show in the actual stage. In my dream, the balloons were more spread out, and in between them was rings you could collect and such. Now you could run through the balloons, but if you did they would float upwards and would push the terrain above around changing the platforming sections if you took a vertical route.

It's interesting because X-treme has a real emphasis on vertical platforming, but I never saw anything like this in any footage. Where things you did below would actually have an effect on the higher pathways. It gives me the idea of maybe the balloons float up and that would create a path above you, made out of the balloons floating. 

Have you guys ever had any XTREEEEMEEEE dreams?


Re: Had an XTREMEEEE Dream last night

wow, neat. Haven't had any SXT dreams, tho this is a neat.

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