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R.I.P. Dark, Kallus and Glitchy

More like 1997-2017.

No one will get this.

toG E T H E R
insert lyrics here

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Re: 2guns - my game

Wow, talk about a thread derailment. Damn, first time I've ever seen a ban take place here, and not just 1, but 3. Meh, R.I.P. Darkspire in particular, was kind of always an asshole, literally bullied the one dood off this forum.


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yeah when it comes to something as controversial as sexual behavior towards a minor, that's an instant ban in my book, I do feel sorry for whoever is innocent, but we really have no way to know that, because of the he said she said type situation, people can say anything on both sides. In my book i think everyone had to go. I feel really bad in that I had to do that. But felt it was the most fair, it could take months to sort out to find the truth, or decide on a fake truth by mistake. And i also don't care to have escalation on the forums which would get worse and worse. these forums are for Sonic fans to enjoy. not fighting. I Left the discord also because i don't care to hear endless talk about what went down. its pretty much pointless.

If in fact sexual behavior did happen, best thing to do is call the cops and file a report. yes you can do that for online harassment. There is probably some kind of international system in place to deal with sexual predators. I think people calling out a predator online, I'm betting a lot of times they just trolling to hurt someone. so yeah who knows.  Anyways i'm not taking sides here or saying anyone in particular is guilty.

This really sucks, i mean to see some good long standing members have to leave like this. I think it hurts us all in some way or form.