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Ok guys! Been busy for the past  ummmm.... can't quite count how many months with a single Master shader material! At one point I had to start over completely from scratch since I didn't understand everything at the time.
And yes this is the stuff true nightmares are made of. The purpose of this shader is to recreate all of the functions of the built in Auto Texture
Generation feature from the original Level editor that most of the later levels like death egg, Crystal frost and other various levels.

Here are some of the Functions off the top of my head and excuse me if I left any out of the list
(also note that i am manually changing settings on the fly using control sliders and type in dialogs as im recording the gifs so animations may be a bit jerky)

Features include:
1. 32 pre defined base Gradient patterns that can have 4 colors injected into them.
2. Inject 4 colors into the procedural gradient and change color position along gradients individually. (I used Blue to red and blue to yellow to fake some lighting in screen)

3. Faked animated Lighting effects via color pallet cycling on any of the 32 Base Gradients. (this gif animation is looped incorectly, super jerky lol sorry.)
(I kind of beefed it up by enhancing the part that looks like specular highlights for AXSX Custom levels only, not that I will use this effect so much)

Ok Ok! Non beefed up here for kicks. ( random colors for the hell of it other than the default red and yellow lol)
4. Gradient patterns UV height adjustments create a total of 128 new patterns.( i think? ahh whos counting anyways ?!)

5. Display Single Solid color for the whole texture.
6. Display Gradient alone.
7. Load and Display any stand alone texture.
8. Blend or fade strength control between the solid color, the procedural gradient, the loaded texture, and the outline frame shape with X shape all together or selectively with one another.

9. Add or Remove a surrounding frame shape and X shape together or Individually. ( this is the Pixelated version which was not found in the original game, instead a wireframe was used, but i thought the pixel art meshed better)

10. Enable Opacity or translucency masks. (opacity version and translucency version get 1 material each respectively and sadly due to how Unreal 4 is set up)
(To lazy to screen, and im sure you know what that is anyways)

11. Flip and rotate UVs for Gradient and also texture individually inside the Material options.
12. Also Flip Vertical / horizontal or Rotate texture in the world editor based on the vertex paint Channels of Green and Blue with 4 settings each which are 0.1 0.2 0.3 and 0.4.

13. Adjust Resolution of gradient and frame on the fly to 8, 16, 32, 64 pixels resolution.

14. A Faked procedurally generated wireframe mode available where the thickness is controlled by camera distance can be enabled.
(This mimics the original games feature that produced a 2 color wire frame for the Frame shape that surrounded a quad polygon , or produce the X shape threw the center of that poly.
(here you see it working without the Texture portion of the Material)

15. Texture Animation system in place allowing for frame to frame animations by 2 options, 1st is parameters that can be controlled by code, or an automatic animation setup (option available within the material) with speed controls and some simple frame reordering options.
(to lazy to show)

16. Can pan and scroll textures while playing an animation at the same time.( for example water that moves with a set number of frames on a single sprite sheet + scrolling of the texture)
(To lazy to show)

17. Shadow simulation by Vertex paint option using Red channel that controls the blend between another solid color and Vector 3 Color to simulate Shadows, (shadow color can be any color u chose in Material parameter) The shadow paint feature is optional, because we use engine lighting mostly to darken textures.
(shown in old post)

18. Vertex painting option using Alpha channel to enable and rotate a diagonal shadow texture mask so that you get a pixelated diagonal shadow across a polygon face.
(shown in old post)

19. Fake Texture lighting via Parameter to boost the overall material using any color you choose.
(shown in old post)

20. Option to use Engine lighting or emissive which is selectable in each material. Default is Engine lighting. Some levels will use emissive and the vertex shadow painting like many of the early levels .
(no need to show now, super lazy) hahah sorry guys

OK so yeah Research into auto texture feature took many months work. And even more months to document every single auto generated texture from Xtreme 1 by 1, than making a chart so i can understand the data by just looking at it, the chart also has translation to my Unreal 4 Master Material.

Behold the first 2 auto gen textures recreated from Crystal2.def using my chart as a guid. It took less than a minute to set them up.
Anyways, this will alow me to texture the levels never shown in screens or seen by the public before. So in regards to texturing the last stages that I've been sitting on for years, Its going to be Super Sonic speedy!!!

The texture with gradient blue and solid blue is recreated from an under water section of Crystal2.def file.

So Yeah I want to show this again...... Many levels like this Egypt looking area used mostly Auto gen textures.( are you drooling yet ?) I know that I am! ( I cant wait to finish this shit! )

Other images for fun !


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Gud stuff, keep up the good work.


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Looking good Andrew!  smile


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Hey guys, just wanted to further elaborate on the built in texture generation feature shown a few posts above.

So yeah! Shown below is an example of a Pre loaded texture and one of the many auto generated gradients blending with one another. The gradient itself is also animated using a Gradient Ramp (or color/pallet cycling) to produce a faked lighting animation. (In this case The animation was just me dragging the mouse back and forth (Rapidly lol) moving the set up parameter slider which controls the gradient shift from left to right. Normally the animation would be controlled by code of course! (Thanks Winterhell, You Bastard!, for making me add that last sentence!) And..... Since we have a lot of different gradients to select from, (or create from scratch) we have a lot of interesting animation choices.




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Where did you hear about auto-generated textures? Senn? The 37 editor? Ofer? A ghost?

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there are clues all over regarding the auto generated textures, first clue was in a few screens, than there was Sanik's Fish eye viewer. but they were incorrect there. and also I seen some stuff Jolly wasn't going to release publicly related to V53 editor.



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Andrew75 wrote:

there are clues all over regarding the auto generated textures, first clue was in a few screens, than there was Sanik's Fish eye viewer. but they were incorrect there. and also I seen some stuff Jolly wasn't going to release publicly related to V53 editor.

Sorry for the late reply, but why wouldn't he release it? Or is it just because v53? Cause I remember he said he was going to finish code extraction...

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i really couldn't say sorry cause I just don't know why.