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Apologies if this thread is in the wrong category but I'm in need of assistance regarding the Metal Sonic model used in Sonic Xtreme.

For those who have explored the leaked Saturn SDK you would have noticed that there is a file called "MT_SONIC.SG3" which appears to contains the model/texture data for a Metal Sonic model. Comparing this screenshot:


To one of the screenshots of the Metal Sonic boss stage:

Clearly shows that the sample model was reused in Sonic Xtreme. For example, the eyes appear to be unfinished as he has no pupils.

Unfortunately, .SG3 seems like Sega's in-house format for Saturn related models. There are several programs in the SDK which I have tried to run via Windows 8SE through Virtual Box to see if I can view this format but unfortunately, I'm getting a "Cannot find Plugin-Module" alert message.

Has anyone, who has better 3D modelling format knowledge than I have, managed to open/import this format and convert the models in a more modern format? Or if anyone knows how to get the SDK programs functioning again it would be much appreciated!

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The 3DEditor in the SSSDK can view it (I just ran it fine on Windows 8 Pro x64). It can also save the .sg3 file as .mdl, but I guess the problem is converting/importing .mdl format into things like 3DS Max. Unfortunately, most of the command line tools in the SaturnOrbit distribution are 16-bit, so I can't test to see if S3D2SGL.exe works (in SGL_302j\TOOL)....

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Ah thanks for that info, Moop. I've saved the Metal Sonic model using the 3DEditor program from the leaked Saturn SDK and saved the SG3 file into .mdl. Unfortunately, a .mdl extention is a fairly generic format within the 3D Modelling scene however this one that seems to be another in-house format can be read in Notepad meaning that a possible parser might or could exist.

I assume this is how these models originally got converted to other text-readable formats such as .obj. Andrew believes that an old user from the Senntient forums, SANiK was the one who originally converted the models in the first place however he has since moved onto other things.

For those who want to take a stab at parsing Sega's in-house .mdl format to another common 3D model format feel free to download it from here:

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2M-nBr … sp=sharing


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Hey Ollie, I'm two and a half years late to the punch, but I found it!

http://www.mediafire.com/download/068eg … /metal.zip

It's been on my laptop this whole time, in the wrong folder. Found it while doing some spring cleaning... Whoops.  big_smile


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Awesome Sandman! Way to archive everything!


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do you have anytihng else like sonic's model from the SDK or that land form?

its nice to see how our favorite games evolved from conception to reality


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I have them in the original file format, but I figure you're asking about the .obj file format. I'll need to look.


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I think Andrew's already got you covered.

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