Topic: Metal Blade and Blue Ocean textures

Note that some I post are subject to change (especially the texture I have now), but I will keep the old versions in the forum. big_smile

I'm working on Metal Blade and Blue Ocean textures entirely from scratch. That means no 3DS Max stuff (unlike Ross. Hey, why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from Ross!...he'sviewingthisthreadrightnowisn'the), just some textures.

Right now I only have the Street texture in .pmp (I use Pro Motion (which is essentially "DeluxePaint Rewritten" except no .anm file import function *sob*), and that's the file format for the program), and it's in a heavy need of reworking.

I took time to convert it to .png and put on Imgur. You're welcome. LOL JK.
You don't need to remake it from scratch by Photoshopping, just resize it to your teams liking.

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