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what if you had to race metal sonic after fighting him, ya know, for old time sonic cd sake, just a suggestion:)

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Re: Race against metal sonic

This project is to make a Sonic X-Treme remake that is as faithful to the original as possible. To the best of our knowledge (and thanks to Senntient we are quite knowledgeable on the matter) there was no actual race with Metal Sonic.

Not to say the idea is bad, but it just doesn't fit well into this game.

Also, I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the community. It's been quite dead here lately, but should pick back up when schools let out for Summer and such.


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Thank you. Ever since I found out about Sonic Xtreme, I've been interested in this group:)


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It's a good group when it's active.


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a race would be a nice ish concept. but id prefer kind of like. kind of how its done in METROID. a timer counting down to the plannets detination. a small race against the clock while metal sonic is closing in on sonic. with sonic escaping and metal being damaged

its nice to see how our favorite games evolved from conception to reality