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Main Project Team:
Andrew75: Project lead, Art guy, Programming, shader programing, testing and quality assurance, research.
Skarik: Programming, shader programmer, and lead bug fix guy.
Xak: Main engine programmer for Sonic GDK (base to XGDK), and Lead programmer for XGDK engine.
Xeniczone: Lead programmer for Game maker version (now discontinued)

Welcome to the official home of Project AXSX.
Come on in and make yourself at home. Please by all means introduce yourselves.
If your not already a member than join up to check out progress on our little project. cool

A little about myself:
I'm Andrew, A hobbyist 3D modeler and huge Sonic Fan who started out modeling in 1998 using LightWave 3D. later moved to Maya than Max in the early 2000s.

Even though Sonic and 90s video game CG animations were a huge inspiration for me,
I never modeled anything game related in the beginning.
Instead, I come from a Photo Realistic (or surrealistic) Modeling and Rendering background.

It was not until 2006 that I switched over to make game assets. (more on this later)
Going from photo realistic rendering to making game assets was a huge change for me.
The Workflow is very different.

(And, now for the Sonic Xtreme development information)
(I will defiantly be missing a lot of detail here in this history lesion)
(I want to keep this as brief as I can)

What's Project AXSX you ask?

Project AXSX Initially started as a Re-imagining of the canceled Sega Saturn game (Sonic Xtreme)
( to learn more about Sonic Xtreme head over to Chris Senn's website:
And Official Sonic X-treme Promo video:

I was an active member on the older Senntient forums when I met Xeniczone, who at that time requested I fix up A metal Sonic model that the renowned game Hacker SANiK had extracted from the Sega Saturn development kit. ( this was in early 2006)

The metal Sonic was supposed to be a quick side job, As I had already started another Project called Sonic CD Remix. ( a 2.5D HD remake of Sonic CD)
As since I did not have a programmer to help with CD remix.
The Metal Sonic model lead to modeling a Metal Sonic Bose arena , which lead to fully joining the project. ( I thought we could mod the engine so it could be used as a 2.5D game so 2 birds with 1 stone.)
After teaming up we needed a catchy name.
soooo.... We came up with the name Project Andrew Xeniczone Sonic Xtreme.
Project AXSX for short. (How's that for a name?!)

Since 2006 we worked our asses off nearly every day for 4 years in a cheep little program called Game-Maker with the Ultimate 3D.dll plugin.
A lot of our time went into learning and or coming up with workarounds for the limitations of Game Maker, and getting level assets into it so that they would look good. (which took away from modeling time on my end, as we would be brain storming ways around the annoying roadblocks.
Most all of the limitations had to do with everything that would normally be easy in another game engine with programing language like C++. Everything you could think of had some sort of a limitation, from collision to world rotations.

I remember we came up with about 4 different fisheye techniques before we finally got the Vertex fisheye shader working.

At about 2 years in we switched gears in art style from a more modern sonic Xtreme to the authentic sonic Xtreme style.
So yeah AXSX started out as a game that was inspired by sonic Xtreme to (for me anyways) seemed become what sonic Sonic X-Treme could have been.

After December 2010's Closed beta Christmas demo, Xeniczone could not work on the project any longer. ( I don't blame him!)
I guess the project had taken its toll.
  After that I was stuck with a nearly complete Sonic Xtreme game engine, and  a half finished level editor. which could place rings and objects into the level with ease.( also made in game maker)

The only remaining issues with the first engine were collision glitches related to level rotations, and low Frame rate when adding to many Rings due to how heavy the Fisheye shader was and Game-Makers craptasticness.

I was about to give up when I saw Sonic GDK ( which runs on Unreal's UDK game engine)
over on Sonic Retro,
All was not lost...! I contacted Xak who was the programmer for Sonic GDK,
Long story short, He was all for porting all of our technology and concepts over to GDK to allow the project to continue.
After he was done, there were still a few issues present, due to the complexity of this project.
Imagine multiple gameplay physics sets for Sonic in a world that rotates, he needs to have physics for areas of the world that rotate, and areas that do not. (some sections of the world even use traditional Sonic physics for high speed classic Sonic fun)
(currently the only really big issues we have left are due to camera movement related to some slope angels and also 3D paths)

Older SGDK version of the game before the Sprite Animation system was set up:

Back during the first 4 years working in Game-maker, Xeniczone and I also took many breaks to work on the 2.5D aspect of the engine.
I modeled Green Hill Zone in 3D so as to use it as a tool to tweak than compare our physics to be closer Sega's Sonic 1.
This in turn benefited the main AXSX engine.

Fast forward a bit to Xak and his SGDK.
SGDK's physics needed a lot of work, so I busted out the GHZ 2.5D models, and spent about 6 months overhauling them so as to have Xak use it the tool to tweak Sonic's physics, and develop A lot of new technology for his Sonic GDK.
As Xak made improvements and added new systems to my specifications, I worked hard getting everything pixel perfect including animations , enemy AI, platforms, bridges, flowers, shaders like pallet cycle for water animations. and set up a depth changing system.
After all the engine improvements had been made we ended up with a decent 2.5D engine.
(and improved physics for AXSX as well)

Here is the GHZ 2.5D video:

Latest work on Project AXSX includes cleaning up the official sonic Xtreme level models manually by hand polygon by polygon.
I worked nearly non stop for over a month to clean over 45 levels during my winter vacation.

You can check out a few videos of the level clean up process here:http://www.livestream.com/tuxmask75

Latest AXSX promotion video made:

Oh yeah! Questions or comments are welcome here.



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That sounds so cool!:)


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For a little better wright up I've done one here
http://www.sonicfangameshq.com/forum/sh … php?t=7968


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Wow it's effects are Awesome.....

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addisonadolf00 wrote:

Wow it's effects are Awesome.....

Thanks hahah. too bad most of the pictures that were uploaded using imageshack are now lost in the other forums posts.
Also welcome to the forums!