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hello everyone. i am here to announce my new project. its a rebirth of project condor.
the game will be a mix of sonic jam assets and music combined with elements from R (some music tracks). alot of the music and sounds from 3D (saturn port) and using some recreated assets from the 718 demo and ofcorse project condor.
the game is in tis early stages. mostly figuring out how the game will play like controlls beign a mixture of 718 and sonic jam. i currently have a test engien (BLITZ SONIC 3D) but im no coder. im looking for a functional yet easy to use eingen that mimics the 718 demo. now i know that may be difficalt but maby i could borow andrews 718 remake 9if he still has it) but im allso hoping for the game to feature "saturn like graphical experiance" such as aliasing and shadows looking like the saturn. and just overall looking like a saturn game. i dont know how hard it is to do that since i dot code. im more of a graphical artist. sorry for such a huge post. im just exiset to tell youguys. allso if anyone has any sonic saturn related lelemnts such as models of sonic world from JAM and texturers ripped from both JAM R and the 718 demo and of corse. the saturn SDK assets. anyway i also want to show off a texture i recreated fromm one of project condors screenshots

its nice to see how our favorite games evolved from conception to reality