Topic: Project X - New Sonic X-Treme Fangame!

Alright, this is disappointing for some, but SX718 Was canned!
But, Its (kinda) back, it a better way!
Thanks to the realese of the protos, I can salvage the textures and sprites, emulate physics (but improve there dumb, nonworking physics.)
The first demo will include:
Jade Gully Zone
sleek menu based on gif
sweet options menu

What, and Who I need:
Devs, Sprite editors, people working on an engine.
Sonic X-treme engine, or like it.
Text letters like text in menu gif
Sprite of Sonic X-Treme logo from gif
jade gully textures (skybox, Gui, etc..)
Basic Heads-up for GM8, and how it works.