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For the first time in AXSX history !
We have Engine lighting !
We can now use engine lighting, However shadows do not work with Fisheye.... so I produced a Material shader with which can be used to hand paint lighting over multiple blocks and textures on the fly.
When combined with the engine lighting we can hand paint shadows on the ground matching the engine lighting for walls and ceilings. (Anotherwords producing a faked shadow that looks like a wall is projecting it onto the ground.)

This image shows only engine lighting, notice the lack of shadows on the floor.  (Walls appear as if they have shadows but that's just polygon shading from a directional light source.)

The next 2 images shows 100% hand painted lighting and no game engine lighting. They were just tests produced during shader development.  (bloom can be disabled for the actual gameplay if we want)



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Image of the now new diagonal shadows! ( colors could be a bit lighter in regard to shadows)

(A brief description and maybe recap just to communicate the jist of it)
The diagonal shadows are a just a simple gradient black and white texture that is use as a mask to blend between the engine lighting and the hand painted per block face texture darkening effect.
I used just 1 diagonal mask texture that can be rotated using the value of vertex paint Alpha. (Values for the rotations are 0.125 0.375 0.625 0.875)
Anything between these values cause the mask to vanish and we can see the painted colors without the diagonal mask.
R G and B channel control 3 separate darken blending styles within the material  So we can get different types of blends to create the darkened effect. (keep in mind the painting on the mesh in RGBA as colors are not directly effecting the outcome of the color, the vertex colors are passed to the shader material which uses the values as 0 - 1 to do the blends there.
Depending on the value 0 - 1 the shadows can be very light or completely black.

Left wall and ceiling using engine shading, floor and right wall using faked shadows manually painted in on the fly)



Anyhow this beats making 1000s of shadow textures, We can also change the block's material and the shadows will stay since the vertex colors stay put. very very handy !



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this is so cool! love those pixelated shadows

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Yeah, this is great! It looks like everything's coming together well!  big_smile
Was this the last major thing that needed to be programmed into the engine?


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Andrew75 wrote:


Old post, but this looks amazing.



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It really does.


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thx !