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While I'm not all that active with the website or game development, I really wanted this site to be a Sonic Xtreme 'haven,' if you will.  This is why there are 2 '?' on the home screen.  This is for

I originally wanted to make a website that was similar to SXC, but to the X-treme. <-pun intended.

I was wondering if anyone else with web development skills would be interested in helping out in this team project.

Here was my idea:
-The site would be styled to look like a 90s Sega site.

-Would contain a backup of SXC.

-Would contain a simple blog about AXSX.

-Have all the current content of Sonic-Xtreme that we know.  Disproven internet hoaxes, images, etc while still containing stuff that is valid.  A long with correct and factual stories about the images that are real.

-I think you get the idea.

Of course, I'm asking this because while I could develop the website I really don't have time to develop it.  To develop this site will take HTML 4.0, CSS, and PHP skills.  I know there are some other internet languages out there, but I really hate modern internet languages.  Flash, HTML 5.0, JQuery, Large JavaScripts etc.  There is no need for a website to tax the computer.  Simple and sweet is key.

Let me know if anyone has the ability and would like to be a team developer of such a site.



Re: Website Development

Well, I wish I could, but lack the programming skill.


Re: Website Development

The only thing i can program in "web related", i JavaScript, and I can't even program much in it.....