Re: [Sept. 18 2013] Development Fork

I have not spoken with Xeniczone for awhile now, not sure how much he's done on it.



Re: [Sept. 18 2013] Development Fork


Idk you think you could ask?


Re: [Sept. 18 2013] Development Fork

Sorry guys, I get caught up in life and school.  Other than some development tests there isn't a whole lot I've done or a whole lot to show.

A Saturn and Playstation port are out of the question.  They are just not powerful enough machines.  There is really no point to a console port.  I would like to support the Saturn controller for the computer that way it would be just like playing the game on a Saturn.


Re: [Sept. 18 2013] Development Fork

Welcome back Xeniczone! big_smile. Thanks for the response. Really? The PS1 isn't a powerful enough machine? how so? It seemed to me like it would be capable of running something like Xtreme.