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As you may thinking: isn't it too late to make a welcome post now? Well, better late then never, right?
Enough of that, a little bit more about myself. My real name is Andreas, and i am a 15 years old boy that lives in sweden (small country, cold). The one thing that has always intrested me is video games. My first game ive played as a 5 years old boy, was Sonic Adventure DX. The reasonwhy i love SADX so much, is the exploration in that game. The hub worlds was full with secrets, hidden paths and items. it kept me busy all day to just explore all the stuff. Since that day, i've always been a sonic fan, and will always be. well, when i was 14 years old, i started to be intrested in gaming history, and i came across this game called "sonic xtreme". I so much wanted to play this game, it looked so cool and fun to play. So i searched on the interwebs after a remake. And i found Project AXSX. So i joined this forum. And what i saw, was a fighting Andrew, that fought and would never give up. And a big dream was born. I wanted to become a game developer, that's what i want to work with. And i thought starting on this forum was a great idea. And Project VXH was born. Halfway in development, I met a guy called RyeGuyXD. He started to help me out with level design, story, gameplay ideas and spriting. Since then, this project started to shine (in my opinion xD).

Thats the story about me  big_smile
If you got any questions, feel free to ask  smile


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Hello Vortex! Welcome to the forums! Lol.


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Welcome again! and that's a very touching post !



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