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Topic: H.U.D. [sprites]

i made a quick sonic H.U,D, since i saw we were in need on one


idel, hurt, extra life

the sizes are defentely incorrect well atleast i think they are since these are the same size as the sonic sprite maybe you can give me a size range maybe they are perfect idk hmm

ediy; could you uplooad the current hud so i can play with it ?


Re: H.U.D. [sprites]

Actually I've already got one of the official Xtreme huds, Have not really had time to add it the engine yet though.



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perhaps for 2player


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Maybe , we'll see.
I got the hud from the 718 demo in the game BTW.



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I like the idea that the hud is interactive.  Though I really want to keep the game similar to the screenshots that were shown in 1995.  I think that is key to remaking the game to fit with people 'nostalgia.' 

I know they probably weren't planning on keeping the Sonic 2 character as the lives, but since that is what was shown in 1995 that is what I would like to do.  I want someone who was around in 1995 to pick up the game and think "wow, this is the game I saw long ago."  Rather than thinking "neat, they were inspired by Sonic Xtreme."