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Hey guys, for the past 2 days worth of on/off work I've finally got around to checking out the Unity Game Engine. I decided that my Sonic Xtreme Remake I did several years ago would be a good starting out to working on a 3D related project as I would not have to worry too much about designing assets as I've either done them before or they are available to use on the internet.

Not too sure if I'll be able to work on this remake as long as I like, I've had a few weeks of free time since my second year at University has ended, however I'm needing to prepare myself for my year's placement in August. However, I really enjoy using this game engine so I hope I'll be returning to this project frequently and I'll make sure I'll keep you all up to date with progress.

The neat thing about Unity isn't just about it's flexibility between able to produce high-quality 3D or 2D games but also how easy it is to compile your project for other systems. Last week, they grabbed my attention by allowing users to publish their projects to iOS and Android for free! Hence why I've started to learn how to use the engine. This means that I will be aiming to launch this remake for Google's Native Client, Unity Web Player, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android as I have access to all those platforms for testing purposes.

Today, I'm releasing a small preview of the Metal Sonic Boss stage. This release is just to show off the environment therefore you can't control anything in the scene. (However that is next on my todo list) so ensure you have Unity's Web Player plugin installed and then click on the link below:


Constructive Criticism & feedback welcome! Tell me what you think!


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The blurriness only seems to happen in the Unity Web Player build. As you can see in the screenshot above it's a lot crispier. I assume it's due to the way textures have a bilinear filter applied to them in the different builds. Shouldn't be too hard to fix but that build was just a rough demonstration purely to show the scene I've made.


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Must say it does look promising, you gonna implement the info that Andrew received from Coffin?

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Eventually. I've got a lot of more basic stuff to implement first.


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Erm, your link is dead.


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I have to make a video on this kind of stuff [youtube]