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Topic: Understanding & Matching Up Def Files Saturn Verison

from my understanding the def files contain actual levels such as jade gully act 1 and act 2 pc versions, red sands act 1 red sands inside pc version, crystal frost act 1 act 2, many many many death egg designs, and finally various training ground and unfinished zones

ive been trying to do some matching up and this is what ive found

Candy Land Act [pc?]


Many belive this to be a test level but if we look carfully at the next picture we can see this is not true and has some significance in the actual game


now if this is infact a test level its funny that they would take the time to take an actual screen shot of it. too me it looks like this is the incorrect backdrop the correct back drop is as the name states a land of candy the original back drop for this had lolipops cherry rivers and cakes i believe

Candy Land [Saturn]


Blue Ocean Act 1 [Saturn]

nothing special here everyone already knows of this level but lets take a look at a possible act 2

Blue Ocean Act 2? [Saturn] could be candy land


this one really is a shot in the dark the only thing that i think lines up is the placement of the level the structure of blocks in similar to blue oceans. the thing that makes me think it is not is the back drop but im going to go head and say this is a early back drop for candy land since the background resembles cotten candy

speaking of backdrops i think the christmas level features an alternative back drop for blue oceans observe

i think this is a act 2 backdrop because act 1 you are completely under water the background is solid blue while the act 2 back drop features the surface

Jade Gully Act 2 [Saturn]


Crystal Frost [Saturn]



Red Sands [Saturn]



i dont really think this is part of red sands it kind of looks like new worlds or new paths to me but the back drop does look like red sand

im going to too threw the def files myself later to see if i can find any more these are just some that ive noticed. also i think alot of the def files are just poarts of the level that need to be connected this would explain why death egg has so many parts


Re: Understanding & Matching Up Def Files Saturn Verison

the more i look at these the more i see blue ocean and candy land being hidden levels

the more i look for an order of levels i come up with this

Jade Gully 1
Jade Gully 2
Jade Gully Boss
Crystal Frost 1
Crystal Frost 2
Crystal Frost Boss
Red Sands 1
Red Sands 2
Red Sands Boss
Death Egg 1
Death Egg 2
Death Egg 3
Death Egg Boss

I see levels like new worlds, new paths, blue ocean, and candy mountain as unlockables or hidded

new paths unlockable
new worlds unlockable
blue ocean hidden
candy mountain hidden

a good place to hide blue ocean would be in jade gully act 1 all the way to the right where there is what looks to be a hidden tunnel or maybe jump into a waterfall to play the level

i see candy mountian being hidden somewhere in red sands maybe idk just brain storming


Re: Understanding & Matching Up Def Files Saturn Verison

If i may ask, where's you get the saturn levels?

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Re: Understanding & Matching Up Def Files Saturn Verison

I like the idea of hidden levels--that could definitely add replay value!
I'm not so convinced that that's what was intended, but it's cool idea nonetheless.


Re: Understanding & Matching Up Def Files Saturn Verison

I agree as well. Hidden levels would be a cool feature to add to a sonic game.

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Re: Understanding & Matching Up Def Files Saturn Verison

All of these levels will be featured in AXSX,  they will be levels on the side or unlockables.
Also a lot of the levels above were just test levels. We don't have a Candy land in the .def package.
By the way, All of the .def files were PC version. (some textures are another story)