Topic: Forum news

I think that we will be re-organizing the forums to make things streamlined in the near future, as well as making a new FrontPage.

Any suggestions are welcomed!



Re: Forum news

Wow I emailed ya before I saw the post. Anywho here's what I've got for ideas.

-Announcements (Possibly have a single, Locked and Stickied topic for the purpose of you posting updates as they come, and then leave the rest of the Announcements board for discussions. This would keep the News organized while still allowing discussion of the news itself).


-AXSX Discussion (Renamed "Engine General Discussion" with contents of "ProjectAXSX Game (Sonic Xtreme)" used as subforums)
---Game Engine
---Boss Engine
---Other Engines

-General Discussion

Makes viewing easier on mobile due to a more refined view, takes less scrolling to view the entirety of the board, and keeps it in a format that is already familiar but still more user friendly.