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Topic: metal sonic

i am somewhat curious as to know what plans do you have for metal sonic as far as attacks go?  also, any theme planned?


Re: metal sonic

Hey sorry for the late reply, its hard to keep up with the forums and dev a game at the same time,
(poor excuse right?)
We have some plans for metal sonics attacks,
One of the attacks would be sort of like what you see in this here video.

(This metal sonic model will be used in our next project, Sonic CD Remix)
I never finished the model, was to busy with AXSX  tongue



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Thought we had a video already upload of Metal Sonic from like 3 years ago.  What happened to that Andrew?


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I'm a little curious...are you guys going to use the ORIGINAL Metal sonic model?

I mean...if you're going to make the rest of the project use the old pc/saturn graphics, then why make a new model for metal sonic?