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A Quick texture test with Galaxy fortress,
All the textures besides the background had to be Custom made.
Id rather have the originals, but these will have to do.
as they are close enough to the magazine scans and videos circulating the net.
( These may get some additional tweaks down the line)

I tryed my best, and feel that the block layout has been replicated 100% accurately according to the videos and screens,
seems the level is very small. However I bet there is some areas that weren't shown in the E3 video.




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This looks amazing  big_smile

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My eye just explode because of the high level of awesomeness. Love the shiny background. cool

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this is    intense   great  job  big_smile

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Wow! That looks really, really good.


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Oh yes.  cool

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is this going to be in the finished game somehow, or is it just proof of concept?

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