Topic: Welcome to the ProjectAXSX Forums!

We here at ProjectAXSX would first like to welcome you to the forums.  Guests have VERY limited access to the forums.  By joining the forums you will be invited to join in conversations regarding forums progress and have access to media such as pictures or videos about the project that aren't available to guests or others outside of the forums.

Here we have several ranks of access to the website.

LEVEL 0 (Guests) - Very limited access to the forums.  Small if not any media given.  No access to downloads.  No access to engine discussions.

LEVEL 1 (Member <25 Posts) - Access to discussions about the engine, also may enjoy access to media and some downloads.

LEVEL 2 (Member >=25 Posts) - The same access as a LEVEL 1 member, but has more than 25 posts and is eliable for LEVEL 3 Membership.

LEVEL 3 - Is a rank rewarded to those who are believe to be faithful and active to the forums.  This rank is similar to that of the LEVEL 1 and 2 ranks, but are given exclusive access media in advance than the LEVEL 1 and 2 rank.  This rank will also be given access to exclusive demos for ProjectAXSX.

LEVEL 4 - Reserved

LEVEL 5 - Moderator, respect them.

The first demo was released on Dec. 25 2010 for LEVEL 3 Members Only.