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techdiff wrote:

I belive the person that ripped Nack out of Sonic fighter is unknown and the method he used to get Nack out of the game is also unknown  hmm

I am the one who ripped it. The way I did was using the program 3d Ripper DX (that captures the polygons in memory from a DirectX software) through the Dreamcast emulator NullDC using Shenmue (as the models from Sonic the Fighters are also in that game), because the Model2 Emulator was not supported by 3d Ripper at that time (it dumped textures, but not models).

But it wasn't so easy to rip, because NullDC renders ONLY the polygons that are shown, so in each capture I had only the half of Nack. Then I thought combining 2 captures, and I did it as I could, so the rip was far from perfect, but it didn't look that bad after all. It was a very painful process, so that's why I didn't rip the other models.

In the other hand, I found a Youtube user called Bagjac that uploaded a zip with Sonic the Fighters models http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTpwcMLLtHw (check description)
I don't know if they are ripped or made from scratch, but I downloaded them and they seemed to be very accurate. However, I can't say the same about the textures, that looked like they were made from screenshots and with very little quality.

I used 3D Ripper with the Model2 emulator for dumping textures and sent them to Andrew, so he can retexture Bagjac's models with the actual textures.

Recently, I tried the latest 3d Ripper and it rips models from Model2 Emulator, but they have the same issue as NullDC, so I stopped trying.


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Great to have you! That was very informative! smile


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Truner wrote:

Maybe we should go with something like this:
Robotnik got his hands on one of the Ring of Order, while Sonic was going through Jade Gully and he used it on Nack first. So that would be the story of the first boss and in the end, we would have a fight for the last ring of order against Robotnik.

Maybe have a special fight with Robotnik under the circumstance that you have all of the other Rings Of Order collected.

I think instead of Robotnik getting in during Jade Gully he could get it in the opening cutscene from Boobowski (forcefully of course). This is what has him bring Sonic in and go after Robotnik to get the stolen Ring back while preventing Robotnik from getting the rest.

What I'm interested in is what kind of attacks would be used during the Nack fight.


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I think Nack would probally use his popgun thing.


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supersonicxx wrote:

I think Nack would probally use his popgun thing.

Yeah me too, but to what extent? Obviously since this is a fully 3d game it can be difficult to maneuver around faster projectiles.