Topic: Online Multiplayer?

Sure, Multiplayer is not the main focus right now, but how about some ideas for how it should work?

I think it should be a lot like SRB2's Online Co-Op. Basically, it works like this:

Any amount of players (2 or more)
Recolor and name yourself
Rather than splitscreen, players focus on their own screen
Sonic is the only character to choose from, since his playstyle will be the one in focus
Text Chat

Of course, an important part is players. Maybe once AXSX is finally done, we can spread the word?



Re: Online Multiplayer?

i assume that AXSX is using part of Sonic GDK stuff. in FAQ in Sonic GDK they said that multiplayer is imposible to make. i dont know if im sure but thats what i have saw in the FAQ file

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Re: Online Multiplayer?

Multi player is not possible unless we get a programmer to re-wright most of the game code.
I don't know anyone with the proper UDK experience to undertake such a task.



Re: Online Multiplayer?

I think that idea's a bit too ambitious and AXSX wants to be a faithful recreation of X-Treme anyway, so...

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