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Are the 2 question marks going to remain, or are there plans somewhere to do something with them? I know there used to be planned functions for them, but seeing how the front page hasn't really changed, I'm wondering if that's all still on the books.


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Xeniczone had planned to add things to the Question Marks (one of them being a SXC archive). Since Xeniczone is no longer taking part in the project I'm presuming there will be nothing done with them.


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They were originally going to be as follows:

First question mark was going to be ProjectAXSX Sonic Xtreme History site.  It was going to be all the stuff that Andrew and I had in a nice little page.  Andrew had dug up a lot of stuff and we want to turn it loose on to the web.  Also provide reliable links to stuff like the Sonic Xtreme Saturn 718 Demo, and rare files like the Metal Sonic file that was ripped from the 718 demo.  Andrew also had a lot of the original magazines from 1994-5 and was getting some really high res scans of them for the first time.

The second question mark was a rebuild of the Sonic Xtreme compilation.

The third question mark was the forums.

I wanted ProjectAXSX to move beyond a Sonic Xtreme game recreation.  I wanted it to be a Sonic Xtreme History site as well.


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Well, couldn't we add those features? It's never too late...



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You're right.  It is not too late.  They are just not done.  The Sonic Xtreme AXSX History site is not remotely done and I believe the SXC recompilation is only 1/3rd the way done.


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I would love to see that happen, assuming you have enough time. I would be kind of cool to have a more.... I guess "complete" site for the project would be nice. It would also be a cool pit-stop site for those who are only moderately interested in the game but don't want to see the progress of the actual project.


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This guy rebuilt the compendium:
Unless there was more to it than that.

The AXSX History page would be really neat.


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I saw that on Senntient.  Was going to contact him sometime about hosting it on my server since it is 'Sonic-xtreme.com'  I've been trying to get SonicXtreme.com, but someone took it out from under me when I was procrastinating on it.  Now they are trying to sell it for $300.  Yeah, Not going to happen.

I was trying to do that same thing except mine was only 1/4 of the way done.


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Oh cybersquatters; the Internet's sadly fruitful colonizers.

Yeah, I was thinking that if it's already been done in good quality (i.e. basically identical to the original), why add the extra burden of doing it again?