Topic: All Released Content for Sonic X-Treme

Hey folks I figure I'd go ahead and make this topic so everybody is aware of where to find all of the content can be found. All of what I put in this thread can be found on the Senntient forums at the following link:

Posted by Sandman
This is most likely the largest collection of Sonic Xtreme data on the internet in one place. For over two years I have been collecting everything that I could on Sonic Xtreme and have since accumulated about 3 GB worth. The links below have tons of information that some of the newer people on the forum have never seen and possibly some things that no longer exist online. So please, feel free to download as much of this as you can and enjoy!

SXC Backup (http://adf.ly/AOIBU)
-Size: 312 MB
-Contents: Concept artwork, characters, enemies, and music, original gameplay videos and models, magazine articles, interviews, and more.
-Description: This file contains a complete backup of the Sonic Xtreme Compendium website (sans a few thumbnails that no one cares about).
-Overlap: Some videos from the video package, official music from the music package.
-Updated: 5/28/13 (Added some missing files)
-Notes: This package is missing several thumbnails and the Death Egg video. If you have these files, please notify me.

-Size: 80.3 MB
-Contents: All Sonic Xtreme related videos.
-Description: This file contains most videos of Sonic Xtreme on the internet including levels, interviews, trailers, and more.
-Overlap: Some videos from the SXC backup package.
-Updated: 7/5/12 (Uploaded)
-Notes: This package contains low quality videos but will be updated soon with new and higher quality videos.

Music (http://adf.ly/AOqYh)
-Size: 148 MB
-Contents: All Sonic Xtreme concept music (including official remixes and extensions) along with additional unrelated pieces by Christian Senn.
-Description: This file contains the concept music released by Chris for Sonic Xtreme.
-Overlap: Official music from the SXC backup package.
-Updated: 7/5/12 (Uploaded)
-Notes: If in the unlikely chance some of the files are corrupted or damaged, please let me know.

PackageX Leak and Level Viewers (http://adf.ly/AOBWw)
-Size: 10.9 MB
-Contents: Leaked graphics and levels from the PC version of Xtreme with level viewers by SANiK and Uhyve.
-Description: This file contains the entire PackageX leak purged to remove unneeded file duplicates and with additional level viewers added in.
-Overlap: Little to none.
-Updated: 7/5/12 (Uploaded)
-Notes: If someone were to go through and catalog all the missing textures and sprites they'd be my BFF. Ask for more info.

Fan Remakes and Tech Demos (http://adf.ly/Cbg7r)
-Size: 270 MB
-Contents: Playable fan remakes and playable tech demos of Sonic Xtreme.
-Description: This package contains the actual NiGHTS engine tech demo with an emulator and fan remakes of Sonic Xtreme.
-Overlap: Little to none.
-Updated: 9/5/12 (Uploaded)
-Notes: If I missed any fan remakes, if any files don't work, or if I have included something I shouldn't have, please let me know.

Sonic Xtreme Dump (http://adf.ly/AOBhE)
-Size: 1.92 GB
-Contents: Every Sonic Xtreme file collected prior to 6/28/12 covering all of the categories listed above and more.
-Description: A huge dump of Sonic Xtreme data (unorganized and messy, but essentially everything in one place).
-Overlap: Almost everything above (including internal file duplication).
-Updated: 7/5/12 (Uploaded)
-Notes: This file will be updated once all other packages are done.