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here they have sprikes

here you can see the spike balls changing form

here they are even glowing red

after much confusion i think i finally found the purpose of thesei think they constantly change form and also move around the level i think they come in 3 fourms

1. spikeless and can be used like in the sonic tech demo 718
2. turns red and sprikes strat to come out?
3. full spikes cannot enter

for the nack boss level i have no idea what these are or maybe they are another form of orb


thoughts ?


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

the spikes I think are bombs, the Crystals I think are just that. The middle Crystal I would presume to be a chaos emerald. I think Andrew said he got inside information on these boss levels.

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

The images that you have posted just seems like another build of an empty test room. The textures are reused from the Metal Sonic boss stage.

The most interesting parts in those screenshots is the HUD. As you can see it uses the same HUD (Remixed Sonic 3 HUD) that was also used when the team needed to show off the engine to the public for E3 96 and made that empty boss stage. This means that this level has been developed AFTER the Metal Sonic boss fight as it uses the old hud similar to the one in the 718 build. Maybe the Metal Sonic fight had already been scrapped as the team put their efforts into later areas of Sonic Xtreme.

Maybe it was just another quick attempt of providing the media with something to show off? The team must have been going through hell at that time to show off a map that might not have even been apart of the final product.

Edit: For the objects in the Nack stage I've just been discussing them in this thread on the Senntient forums:


Like I said in that post though, nothing but speculation but it's my thought anyway.


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

Actually her first pictures are from the early version of the Metal Sonic fight. In it Metal Sonic apparently  acquires a target lock on Sonic like the Sonic 2 final boss.

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

Ollie wrote:

seems like another build of an empty test room

metal sonic space fight before final boss  big_smile

there 2 metal sonic fights big_smile

1 on jade gullys moon witch is the city fight
1 on the death egg before robotnik

if your scratching your head thinking jade gullys moon!? alot of people think the moon is in the background of metal sonics 1st stage but its actually a whole planet and you are the one thats on the moon mind blown right ?

also on the second metal sonic stage that is also a planet orbating robotniks death egg this whole story takes place on different planets


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]


That screenshot is from another build to the one similar to the 718 build. The Metal Sonic model isn't even rigged, by the looks of it, in that screenshot hence the odd looking stance.

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

Ollie wrote:

The Metal Sonic model isn't even rigged,

in=game shot thats metal sonics self-destruct stance see the smoke comming from him cool  cool  cool


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No I mean the source that confirms all you have said in your previous post. About Jade Gully and Moons. Huh?

I haven't heard that from anywhere else other than your post. Just curious to where you have read that. The official stories that were released by Chris Senn didn't include any level-specific details. Careful you are not spreading around false information, that's all.


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

SONIC XTREME - by Yasuhara Hirokazu and Richard Wheeler

After Robotnik's defeat at the Floating Island, things returned to normal for Sonic and his friends. Robotnik however, had not been idle, and returned with an even grander scheme to conquer the world.

Robotnik has rebuilt his Death Egg fortress, larger than Sonic's entire world! So powerful is its gravity that it can rip planets from their orbits. Already several planets orbited the huge fortress, and Robotnik would not rest until Sonic's world was in his clutches as well!

Already the world is being drawn to the Death Egg. Sonic has to act quickly to stop Robotnik. Tails has managed to create a working teleport pod that can send Sonic to the Death Egg. There was no time to contact Knuckles, so Tails will stay behind and operate the teleport pod and Sonic will travel to the heart of the Death Egg and destroy it.

But as Sonic was teleporting, one of the small planets surrounding the Death Egg changed course and intercepted Sonic! Sonic found himself on a strange world, surrounded by Badnik robots! Already the inhabitants of this world had been captured and changed into his evil minions. Robotnik had prepared a cunning trap, and Sonic had walked right into it.

Everything had gone as Robotnik had planned. He knew that Sonic would try to get to his new Death Egg, and had changed the creatures called Mips into Badniks. Then by controlling the planet's orbit, he had led Sonic right into his trap!

"HA! HA! Now I've got you, you spiky blue freak! You won't stop me this time!"

Sonic must free the captive Mips, make his way to the new Death Egg, and destroy it quickly. If he fails, the world will belong to Robotnik forever!

yikes  big_smile


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Like I said... The official stories weren't exactly worked into the game's specific stages. Doesn't even mention Metal Sonic nor Jade Gully, like your original post did.


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you can ' t say that in that 'empty test' room that is certainly not a moon out the window what is it? a planet this confirms that this story line was used in x-treme the deathegg taking planets is the story line for x-treme this story line was recycled and STOLEN in sonic fighters where robotnik takes planets with the new and improved 'deathegg II' and in the pictures what do you think they are in? they are in space they are in the deathegg planets are orbating right outside the window everything matches up cool


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Tech does have a point, this is the last story they worked on before cancellation.

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...But there is absolutely no source to back up your claim. Project Condor was a last shift attempt at bringing Sonic Xtreme to the market for the Christmas Holiday. I seriously doubt they were thinking about a Storyline while they couldn't complete an entire working Boss stage.


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

This comes straight from the Sonic xtreme compendium on Senn's site. Check the FAQ.

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

I know. That story doen't remotely mention anything to what techdiff put in his post. Reread the thread.

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

my bad its actually a moon of crystal frost


i had to go into my private archive for this information there is a small city on the moon of crystal frosts there are many moons of crystal frost but only one has a small city that was taken over by robotniks creation metal sonic robotnik is using the city for his own eveil doing and tails teleports sonic to the city cool

sonic is not ment to beat metal sonic in this battal sonic actual gets metal sonic to the danger zone and metal sonic flys away its a mini boss battle after the actual boss battle actualy sonic defeats the titian tank gets intercepted by tails and teleported to crystal frosts moon where he is met by metal sonic in this space city ill post more about this script so untull next time

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

back to the orbs discussion

mini boss room 1

metal sonic boss room 2

robotnik room 3

in mini boss room 1 sonic must wait to fight competitors

the spiked balls move around the room but they are vessels

wehn they glow red the 2 mini bosses are about to come out

http://info.sonicretro.org/images/7/7c/Chazfront.gif http://info.sonicretro.org/images/c/c0/Gabbyfront.gif
chaz and gabby are this first mini boss room bosses

after this room is completed sonic goes to mini boss room 2 which is metal sonic

this is mini boss room 2 as it has a different planet in the background

after room 2 is completed sonic exits

sonic proceeds to the final robotnik boss room beats robotnik and blows up the deathegg cool  cool  cool


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I don't know if any one you pointed this out, but If you look closely you can see the lock-on arrows that move across the floor. Also I believe that I have the spike and crystal models from a few of the stages. (including 718) I would have to do a modeling trick to confirm it though, since the Saturn used a special trick to produce the spiked effect using the polygons.



Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

good catch andrew do you think the spiked balls carry chaz and gabby ? ive gave it much thought and try to put everything together correctly you can see the spiked balls are not in the same room as metal sonic, metal sonic is on a different floor i think elevators should be incorporated in some form to go from room too room all the rooms are the same but the final battle should take place in the controle room smile


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

Hmm I wont be putting Chaz and Gabby into AXSX, as characters I feel they suck ;p


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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

they are of kinda lame ill give you that but they were made for x-treme i believe they should play some role

if they are used i think they should be easy 3 hit kill characters you zoom threw chaz and gab and go to the next floor fight metal sonic then up a floor to the control room to face robotnik

i just think the boss finale should have 3 parts because going to the deathegg and fighting metal sonic right away is kind of overwealming plus robotnik would have some lame disposable henchmen like this


Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]



Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]

I get the impression that you can't provide sources because you've made all this up and you're trying to pass it off as fact.


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your being silly as of the boss finale that is just interpretation but the moons and all that is fact i have the longer script instead of the short explanation plus graphix design are told what to do when the backdrops where made they knew exactly what story they where making

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Re: Orbs, Triangles, Diamonds [Boss Objects?]


found planet/moon whatever in the background of the death egg tongue