Topic: Sonic Xtreme Sprites.

I never really went in depth about the nightmares of sonic Xtreme spiriting.

There are a total of 7,074 Standard individual texture sprites for Sonic X-treme, ( not counting the ones within the DEF file leak a few years back)
4,095 of these are individual Sonic sprites. the rest are badnicks.
Some years back before the DEF leak even, all of the sprites were leaked as PCX files,along with the source DeluxPaint .ANM files before they were converted to PCX.
I remembered seeing some higher quality sprites within magazine scans which showed frames of animation that we did not have which were also higher resolution.
So one day a few years back I thought to myself, what if there were more sprites hidden within the .anim files. Sooo... with a little some help on the Sonic Retro forums, and a little later, after some more research I found a converter that only worked on Windows 95.

I did not find any higher resolution, or missing sprites for sonic, However What I did find were higher quality Sprites with a higher spectrum of colors.
Each of the 1000's of sprites were not centered the same. So I had to manually locate the centers, than crop each image one at a time, to make them 64 x 64.
Next, I set up sprite sheets, with each animation getting its own row.  After that I did some tests with and without filtering in the game engine.
The filtered images looked horrible where they were masked off, so I came up with a photoshop filter that took pixels and extruded the edge color along a magic wand selection.
the results were much better. ( I wont be using filtering in Xtreme) but at the time I was not sure. At least this is a good concept that could be used in future projects.

Anyhow the whole process took me most of 2 months to complete.
At some points I went into Zombie like trances, mindlessly editing each sprite like a robot programed for endless repetition.

Comparison of the original leaked PCX file(Left), and my Re-Rip (Right)
Notice the smoother gradiants threwout?
Spritesheets before my filter.

Spritesheets with my filter.

And an in engine comparison.
Notice the colors on the edges on the right side don't have the blended with hidden pixel color effect shown in the image on the Left.( they look darker on the left because of the green border)
I'm sure that some of you fan game makers can use this idea in your games. Hope to see my name in your Special Thanks credits section if used. Thanks.



Re: Sonic Xtreme Sprites.

Damn that really needs a lot of hard work and man power to make them sprites.

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