Topic: Livestream Archive for the level clean up process.

I did these streams a few months back,
Making a topic about it since some of you may have missed them.

Are you wondering what the hell is happening in the videos?
I was cleaning up the leaked sonic xtreme .Def files that were converted into a model format.
Had to remove all the extra polygons by hand that were inside so that the model could be welded into a single mesh for performance reasons.
Also had to rebuild the back areas of each level so that they were visible when used with fisheye.
Many polygons had to be split in half ( or cut ) so that we get a god wireframe, otherwise there would be holes when fisheye was applied.

Some fun facts:
There are over 45 levels, most of which are just small enough to run around for only a few seconds and that's it. I will include these in the project as well.
Cleaning up Smaller levels took 30 minutes to 2 hours, Larger levels took well over 12 hours work each.
Many levels have no textures as Chriss Senn never had the time to finish layouts.

You can check out the streams here.
http://www.livestream.com/tuxmask75/vid … m=ui-thumb