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So, just trying to bring some non-spamming life to these quiet forums.

What kind of special stage should be in Sonic X-treme?
A sonic 1/4 type special stage, a sonic 2/3dblast special stage, or a sonic 3 special stage.

Personaly I would like a side scrolling level to be a special stage kind of like it was in sonic colors.

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Re: Special Stages

Hey , sorry I have been busy the past year working on my other game project Sonic CD remix.
As for special stages, I was thinking something along the lines of a Knuckles Chaotix rotation type area with some original gameplay concepts tossed in.



Re: Special Stages

The Chaotix special stages play well to the gimmick of rotating stages that was heavily advertised for Sonic X-Treme. I really didn't see much to improve on with that engine, though. What do you have in mind, or will it be a big secret?


Re: Special Stages

Big secret for now ,



Re: Special Stages

what about this stage?
I always thought it was 1 of three things:
1. Test Level
2: Secret Level
3: Special Stage

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