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Gata deviate to another path to get to the same goal...

At the moment I've switched over to finishing up a Mini project that I started a long long long while back,,
A Retro styled 3D Greenhill level,
Resumed doing this because of 2 game engines, Xak's Sonic GDK(which AXSX game runs in) and Damizean's Egg Engine (fan remix engine)
I started this level back in around 2007ish for use in the old AXSX engine which was on Game Maker with Ult3D Plug-in for rendering.
The original  purpose for this level was to make a playable environment to visually gage how accurate our physics systems were to the original sonic 1. ( apples to apples compression)
The current purpose is still the same ... hopefully it will help improve AXSX as an end result.

Hmm.... you guys probably want a screenshot to go with your post huh ?
I haven't started the background yet......

If you have UDK (SONIC GDK) you will be able to build your own levels just by snapping the pre-built chunk pieces together with-in the UDK world editor, even non programmers can do it ! !


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very cool  cool

cant wait too try out the level builder

this is side scrolling so it does have many attributes and possibilities that could be applied to x-treme looking forward to see how this unfolds

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im intrested and you deserve a break by the end of this year well most likly have working ememys bosses and power ups


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Its looking good so far!  big_smile Can't wait!

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Can't wait till it looks better than this.


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Sorry guys, Ive been working on lots of real life projects, so progress rate slowed to a crawl.
( still renovating my house)
however some progress was made with green hill zone and UDK engine.

1: Many physics updates.
2: Sonic's speed has been adjusted to match that of sonic 1.
(the speed was a bit on the fast side before)
3: Lots of bug Fixes
4: some work on zone layout has been done



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wOOt! Loving this, how little it is still pleases me. It's nice to hear about progress.

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veery exited about this!

since it has so much potential to a 2-player version of x-treme


just posted to give you an update on the sprites i plan to finish tails + knuckles by 4/20 or so & tiara doesnt have a set date but aiming towards christmas 2012 also i have solved the sonic angel problem by making flat ground sonic sprites

good hearing from you andrew keep up all the amazing work truly inspiring  cool


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Tails looks so tiny there tongue

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What's interesting is I remember watching your videos about proper Sonic physics as shown in Sonic 1's Green Hill.