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Topic: well time to focus here

what can this be we have a foum an a area or will have an area for all the xtreme info so what else would we need unless its an ofiochakl place for updates yother then forum posts(if i guessed right again wow just wow also wwhen i guessed right for the yellow mystery i had no isdea were to use the hints so i ignored it and just guessed yup i know very anti climatic)


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Okay I have to be very direct with this. Do you know proper English, grammar and punctuation?

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new jersy people were not very bright though we are very good at guessing also this is the internet im actauly pretty good at this my point ever been to 4chan

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majorasmaskfan wrote:

ever been to 4chan

Using 4chan for internet standards and etiquette? No. And even people on /b/ (the most chaotic section of 4chan)  have decent grammar and punctuation. It doesn't look or sound cool to intentionally use improper English.

The question was legitimate though. I figured you might be from another country and were in the process of learning English. Using "this is the internet" as an excuse doesn't help. Proper grammar and punctuation makes it easier to read your posts coherently. I know I don't always do the best job but I do at least try.

majorasmaskfan wrote:

From a different thread 4 minutes later
any acdc fans id write a giant paragraph with tons of complex things but i dont want to deel with gramma nazis

Don't turn this into a personal matter. I mentioned your grammar once (maybe twice) on this board out of all of your posts so I hardly see how I could be a "gramma" nazi. With the fact that you blame it on "jersey people" grammar and then later use 4chan as an example just makes you sound like a troll. Since you took so much offense I won't bring it up again.


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kid stop being a grandma nazi tongue
Ok back to the subject of the orange mystery. I think the orange mystery will probably be a demo download area.

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I'm not too sure about that one. They need to keep it to where you have to be a Level 3 to get it, or otherwise find some way to restrict new people from getting it.

I'll probably wait for some hints before I go to guessing, and that could take a while because Xenic's more than likely not going to reveal more hints until he can gets the Yellow section up.


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true onlykid


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My guess for the orange mystery: Downloads.


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My guess for the orange mystery would also have to be downloads.