Topic: [Sept. 21 2011] Whoops

So, I'm trying to update the websites and make the website for the Yellow Panel.  I made a few tests to make sure all my programming for the website was solid and functional.  After I got that working I started building the actual website, but before I did that I had to delete the test files. Well... I accidently deleted the entire website. big_smile  The website was down between 23:30 and 00:00 EST, but should be back up and working.

Just thought I would let you know if anybody tried to access the forums and got the 404.  Other than a few recent pictures, everything seems to be back up and working.


Re: [Sept. 21 2011] Whoops

Yeah the 404 was a little scary....


Re: [Sept. 21 2011] Whoops

fail but this sucks im parioniod an back ecry thing up on 3 hard drives and multiple times on each


Re: [Sept. 21 2011] Whoops

You back it up multiple times on each hard drive.  If the hard drive crashes you loose all the copies?

Yeah it wasn't too big a deal.  I just needed to re-upload the files, and re-calibrate the forums to work on the new server... again.


Re: [Sept. 21 2011] Whoops

qhat i mean is im prone to acidentluy delete things basicly im prepared if all but ohne drive breaks and i acidently delate a vershion on that one though it i s highly unlikely that will ever hapen oh well parionia