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fantastic news and very informative you should contact Chris Senn e-mail for HQ sprites and ask for sprites/textures that haven't been made public a long shot but it couldn't hurt to try

also I don't think the sprites were down sized in quality to begin with I think they were made then they got to a point in the game and thought they could do better then went back and touched up the sprites to make them look better here is a good example:


today I'm going to be looking into ripping Tiara B sprites for you guys if you decided to do a 2 player version of the game

ps. I found 2 new enemys you dont have up there but I have to backtrack my way throught the internet to find them ill be sure to post them here if I find them again

pss. just a side note because it received little attention when I had originally brought it up will the sega saturn version of the game feature the jump solid ball animation featured in the e3 video or will it remain like it did on the Christmas demo where sonic jumps like the PC version just wondering

Yeah that fix up could have been what they did ,
however i think they had 2 seperate renders done,(Larger and smaller)
at which point they may have touched up the larger render like you showed,
however..it would have been much more work to scale the texture up from the small one,.
compaired to 1 press of the render key in the 3D app they used to initially generate the textures.

Notce how the below render reflection color's match the larger sprite's more closely..



to me it looks like the larger ones were scaled down, than color corected.
probibly needed to be done because of the performence costs coupled with the fisheye.

also you able to locate the missing sprites that you found awhile back?


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soo your saying they made the original 3D model of the enemy then downgraded the quality for the game making them into pixalated sprites then downgraded them once again and scaled them down then changed up the colors very believable

oor the different scales of sprites signify the different versions of the game the high scale sprites are for the PC version and the low grade sprites are for the saturn version

about the 2 sprites im not sure if you have them or not i think one of them is an enemy or could be another playable player it looks like a dog/person/robot the sprites are of it running from the front and running from the back hardly useful but still historical and the other sprite is of an enemy called bloopy or something like that right now im wishing i saved this information i found it on a sonic forum where they where talking about the original release of the extreme package

but at one point i think they tried to make the PC version of the game equal to the Saturn version of the game because you can see more advanced levels on the supposedly Saturn version of the game of new worlds level i believe these videos are tagged wrong and that that is in fact the PC version of the game because the jump animation to me the jump animation is the biggest difference between the PC version of the game and the Saturn version of the game i think wen they released what they could do with the Saturn they went back and tried it equal to the PC version which ultimately diminished the funds and got the project canceled in the first place

also for sprites you dont have tho would you like them? today i am really finally about to extract the Tiara B game play gif into sprites and the only kyd is going to scale them to the necessary size and touch them up to perfection for the 2 player aspect for x-treme if it is done basically what im asking is do you plan to have a 2 player aspect of the game to include unused characters such as knuckles, trails, and tiara for a side scrolled version of x-treme? just asking before i spend time extracting the sprites from the gif

i.e 2-player like sonic 2 just one or two levels


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techdiff wrote:

today i am really finally about to extract the Tiara B game play gif into sprites and the only kyd is going to try scale them to the necessary size and touch them up to perfection for the 2 player aspect for x-treme...

I'm not expert so no promises, but I will put a legitimate effort into it.


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I remember speaking with Chris Senn about the PC version and Saturn version of the game , technically the E3 video was all running on PC except the empty boss stage.
the new worlds video was never running on Saturn, it was also PC.
If i remember correctly According to Senn they could never really get the fisheye to run on Saturn above 1 or 2 fps.

Yeah i have (Chaz)doglike red thing),Gabby(blue pigbot), BLOW( the spike thing from CF),Feep as well as a Beebot, and BOY ( looks like a prototype enemy or something), also a single frame of the Hermit crab,, would love to get the rest of the frames of that carb
oh and i have the ball enemy FSPN (large sprite version)
(all enemies found in the def release)

as for 2 player, I'm not sure on that, I would love to do a 2 player race , or co-op online...if that dosnt come about,,, than,,,,
,, it would be cool to have the sprites for other playable skins !
to do 2 player co op, id need to find someone to set up the networking interface

Oh yes, I have something else,, I don't remember where i got it but it seems to be all the data and info for the animation code of sonic and enemies, there is also some kind of animation player, which is incompatible with the Windows I'm running. I'm planning on uploading it on retro later today to see if theres some hackers who may be interested in tacking a crack at this.



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oh ya i did come across an under construction enemy in 1 folder, 
(The Ribbot)
it seems there was a large and small sprite in the same folder, along with a green border.
there does not seem to be any touch up work done on this enemy as it  appears to be a raw render (although it looks like they did lower the bits from a higher bit to 8 bit.)





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Chaz: http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/4404 … mechaz.png
Gabby: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6953/s … egabby.png
Beebot: http://i49.tinypic.com/25txem9.png
Feep: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o156 … 1/feep.png
Orca: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/4990/orca2sheet.png

Stage Textures
Special Stage Textures: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/8756/s … folder.png
Back Drop: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o156 … ckdrop.png
Various: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/4895/s … stextu.png
Orca: http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/9573/s … castuf.png

http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/534/ … mering.png
http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/534/ … mering.png

The most important one i found is the SPECIAL STAGE textures take a look



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Actually in the above post, i said that i have all of the sprites, like gabby I have them in there raw formats.
the only sprite set i can see that I'm missing at this point is the hermit crab since it seems there is only 1 sprite.

P.S. the so called special stage textures, as the guy who converted them from .pcx is just guessing
( it seems the textures are a mix of some zones like red sands, new worlds, and new paths. among an unidentified texture set to the left bottom of that sheet.

Edit: also these are all the textures from the leaked def and .pcx package,
i stated above i don't need these. ( however thanks for the effort)


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http://info.sonicretro.org/Category:Son … me_Sprites











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hey they even have the boss stage floor that i ripped from the Sega Saturn game demo,
wish they could have gave credit.



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As a treat, I'm gana show you guys some of the hard programing work Xaklse has put into porting the ideals of our old AXSX engine over to UDK.
Some aspects even have improvements,( collision issues that plagued the old engine for example) I'm very happy with how this is going!




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Very nice. The wall walk reminds me of Eggman Hates Furries.

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I'm so glad this project is being tackled by somebody, but would it be out of place for me to suggest the game look a little more like it would have run on a Saturn? Or could you at least make the Sonic character closer match the look from the cancelled game? What you made on the new engine looks great, but it sort of breaks the illusion of playing the Saturn "what-if" Sonic Xtreme.
   Then again, I never programmed a game and I have no idea how hard it is, so take what I say with a shrug and a grain of salt. hmm


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We will replace the 3d sonic with the original sprite, don't worry, also please read the descriptions in the beginning of the video as it states some of what needs to be done



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Is it at all possible to make a 3D model that looks identical to the sprites used (if I'm not mistaken, the sprites were just renderings of a 3D model originally)? I understand that getting the game as close to the original as possible is a big objective but if the original demo is any indication, using a 2D sprite on a 3D plane makes for some inaccurate gameplay, and playability should be the first goal.


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Sprite is handled with additional invisible geometry for collision detection, It will feel fairly accurate when playing.
Its planed to make a model based on the sprite as an optional playable character skin.


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Re: New engine!


lookes like where off!




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Dang, that looks amazing. I wish I'd been following this project for longer than I have, but I had to join once I saw how fantastically well you lot seem to be getting along. I'm also glad to hear you'll be using a more Sega Saturn-ish sprite for this. Please, keep it up.


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Did you make those tiara sprites yourself? Or got them from chris senn?.....Otherwise great work are they being put into the game for a multiplayer mode or a different story mode?


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The Tiara sprites were ripped by techdiff from an animated gif. I resize and try to save the quality of those rips so that they're scaled properly, and techdiff goes back and does all the fine tuning to give them a higher quality look.


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This is looking amazing. I think this game will be a lot better than the game that probably could've come out in 1996.

One question I have is what is a typical Sega Saturn frame rate? It doesn't feel like Sonic R or Sonic 3D Blast ran at 60 fps. If the game is capable of running at 120 fps or 60 will there be an option to tone it down to make it feel more crappy and Saturnish?

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longtime no see guys  anything new ?  lol

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Hello I am back too! Great too see the progress, I am excited to see you tackling textures and sprites next, can't wait to see how this will develop!

Perhaps you should start with the sonic sprite, considering questions about the 3D Player Model seem to be the most asked ^^


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Hey guys, i created this account just so I could say thanks for working so hard on this project.  I've been lurking around the forums for the last few months and I'm impressed with the quality of work that you guys do.  The new engine looks great, and keep up the good work.  We're all excited to give it a try!