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I'm taking the liberty to Move Project AXSX over to Sonic GDK in the UDK engine.
(It runs much more efficient than our AXSX engine)
Enjoy the video of the new custom Fisheye running in Sonic GDK.
(please Ignore the player model and camera position related, these are the default recourses and settings used by By Sonic GDK)

Sorry guys,
The video recording software that was used is a demo,
allowing only 15 FPS video capture. ( rest assured that the game runs a steady 60 FPS on even mid ranged systems, unlike the old engine)




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Looks Great!


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Looking forward to getting my hands on this.

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lol  WOAH! that is awsome  i like the way everything is going i hope to see some more in the future !

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level looks nice. great to see new vids about the project

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Wow, i dont expect that. As long as the game will be good, i have no problem with the engine change.

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So that's based on jade gully huh?

I've read info based on other forums that you've been making this and gathering idead since 1996!
unless i misread, either way brilliant effort!


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I believe the game was cancelled in 1996.  We've been making the game since 2006.


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hmm i dont know how i feel about this switch you guys making the game and tweaking the engine from scratch showed a tremendous amount of dedication and i loved the fact you guys where showing as much dedication as the original creations it was beautiful with this new engine proportions look off, fish eye looks incorrect, and graphics don't look as pixalated. im not making fun of it im just stating how i feel about the engine switch i dont know i just think the other original engine was way better it looked more classic and proved a better game play environment the game was less fluid before and thats what made it unbelievably classic and a spot on recreation of sonic xtreme. i favor the old original engine but i dont know maybe with some graphical tweaks and some playing with physics you will be able to get back on track looking forward to the next update to see where this goes.


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Nice`````very like..

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Re: New engine!

Cool Stuff. Will you replace the character with a sprite in the future?

Is the goal still "Get it as close to the original Game as possible"?

This is Unreal Engine 3, right? Seems kinda overkill to power X-Treme with it ^^
But I'm sure the Development Tools are a lot more comfortable to build a game with!


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It will be replaced with the sprite.  The goal is going to be to keep it as close to the real game as possible.  It is Unreal Engine 3.  The reason for the change was because Gamemaker is very poor as doing stuff.  The christmas demo was suppose to have 200 rings to collect, but when we added that 200 rings the game slowed down to <20fps.  We've been trying to work with gamemaker, but after stuff like that were we couldn't even add rings without having to worry about the fps that was kind of the final straw.

I went off and started working on other projects and Andrew went in search of a new engine.  Though I still got a lot of stuff on my plate and don't have much time to work on Sonic Xtreme, this engine is proving to be very solid.


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Can only hope that progress continues for the best from here on.


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I think this is a great choice! UE3 also has a huge community, if you find the right forums, you should find a lot of avid programmers to help you with the project.


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Kaffeebohnson wrote:

I think this is a great choice! UE3 also has a huge community, if you find the right forums, you should find a lot of avid programmers to help you with the project.

I don't want to speak for xeniczon or andrew, but I believe the purpose of avoiding other programmers is too many people could care less about what Sonic XTreme was supposed to be, and instead would rather turn it into their own game even if it means sacrificing the intended feeling that the original would have had. Too many people means too many ideas, less organization, and in result less interest in continuing the project.

I think we're in good hands. I find myself to be creative and would like to make levels for this, but again it's the fact that I would want to make them my way instead of following the videos and available maps. These guys may take an incredibly long time to finish this project (and I hope they do finish it) but I'm confident in saying we're already in good hands.


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uhhhh..  big_smile



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I am drooling it looks so nice. You also did a very nice job on the sky .


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That looks fun running around in emptiness. Wish I could try it, that's for sure (must have patience). The fish eye does look a bit different, though, but as long is it handles well (and the momentum flows solidly) then it looks otherwise fantastic.


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now that im finnaly regisered here all i can say is this is awsome and i can wait to play it i just wish fang the sniper would be in it as he fang the sniper you ned anymore reason then that i mean faang an metal sonic were goung to be in the final vershion sof yepp

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Re: New engine!

Guess I'll just leave this here:
Was posted on Senntient so I figure it's fair game here



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Sorry for the slow updates guys, been supper busy with things, Gameplay aspect of the engine is now 60% done

I'd like to say that development is coming along much faster on this new engine because of the ease of use in art tools available along with the help of a friend who's been doing the bulk of the programming for us.

Currently I'm working on getting some sprites into the engine for FPS testing!
in this case an animated ring test, using 100s of rings. 
And you know what?! this baby is not even breaking a sweat with fps,
It sits at the steady UDK maximum of 120 fps
all While ult 3d ( game maker plug in) gave fps issues with 20% of the rings

next on the little to do list is to add billboard shader for the sprites so they always face the camera and don't look so weird.

As for the programming side of things, We have the guy who developed Sonic GDK working on the gameplay aspects of the engine, he's doing a Great job at porting all the concepts we've worked months on planning and testing for the old engine( so this step can be skipped), things are going a bit faster since we already know what works and what doesn't.

right now we have level rotation areas
(with local gravity relative to the angle sonic is standing on),
and non rotation areas of the levels which use standard classic sonic physics and world gravities for things like slope physics,

Other things that has been done are massive amounts of level chunks needed for the new physics system. its a bit much to explain in detail why right now, as I'm short on time.
We're talking well over 1000 different level chunk models to form chunk combinations.

Please excuse the development Debera mess in the following image.
(green areas classic sonic physics)
(orange areas level rotation areas with local gravity)



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this is great manyour just teaseing us but i cant wait


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its  starting to look even better  keep it up andrew  big_smile

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I'm sure this is nothing new, ( as its nothing new to myself)
If you look closely at the enemy sprites shown in some of the early magazines that showcased sonic xtreme,
there were higher quality sprites than what were leaked on to the INTERNET for many of the enemies.
however a few of the high quality sprites have been shared threw that Def file package leak.

Just wanted to show a comparison here of the standard enemy pack that was released to the HQ ones,
And, I wonder if there were more high quality sprites of this nature made.
(its a real shame that they can't be used >__<)

In the pic, I made the 2 sprites to be a little bigger.
as well as kept the original sizes on the top right.
I'm really hoping to be able to grab a few more of the HQ sprites, or even the models themselves...
that would be really kick ass, as the new Engine we've been working on is starting to get to the point where enemies would be very useful.


Also Ive spent the last 4 days converting 1000s of enemy, and sonic sprites by hand into a format compatible with UDK engine,

This is start to finish for some sprite sheets.
Its a long and tedious process.... >__<
( First thing is to center the enemy, crop the image, create an alpha channel, mask the enemy in the color channel, select alpha channel, invert mask, drop white onto that so that we can get the transparent mask for the game engine.
The next step is to cascade all the images side by side ( all by hand, 1 by 1)

Here's what I've got in enemy sprites. ( there are a few missing as they are in the def file folder, ready to be converted tomorrow.

P.S. If anyone has more enemies that aren't listed above (excluding the ones from the leaked Def .pcx package) , please, i hope you can share them,
as its time to start setting up enemies for AXSX.


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Re: New engine!

fantastic news and very informative you should contact Chris Senn e-mail for HQ sprites and ask for sprites/textures that haven't been made public a long shot but it couldnt hurt to try

also I dont think the sprites were down sized in quality to begin with I think they were made then they got to a point in the game and thought they could do better then went back and touched up the sprites to make them look better here is a good example:


today im going to be looking into ripping Tiara B sprites for you guys if you decided to do a 2 player version of the game

ps. I found 2 new enemys you dont have up there but I have to backtrack my way throught the internet to find them ill be sure to post them here if I find them again

pss. just a side note because it received little attention when I had originally brought it up will the sega saturn version of the game feature the jump solid ball animation featured in the e3 video or will it remain like it did on the Christmas demo where sonic jumps like the PC version just wondering