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Spambots are dangerous and are not welcome on the forums.  Reporting them is the best way to get rid of them.  There is currently an issue with the forums where it doesn't email me the reports.  I'm currently working on getting this fixed.

In the attempt to keep the forums family friendly, please help fight spam by doing the following.

-Report the Spam As soon as I get the email function fixed, this will be the fastest way for a moderator or admin to come in and remove the spame

-DO NOT REPLY! Replying to the spam pushing it back up to the top of the forums for me people to see.  This helps the spammer achieve their goal.

-DO NOT CLICK! If you open a topic that appears to be spam do not click on the links inside the topic/thread.  Spambots are designed for two reasons.  1. Free advertisement, 2. Harm.  While I would say a majority of spam is just to try to get cheap/free advertisement, there is also spam that is made to harm the user by either injecting viruses/trogans on the users computer or by phishing.

How to identify spam?  The main things to look for when identifying spam.

-Low Post Count  Spammers normally don't generate large post counts before finally spamming.  A low post count can be a sign of a spammer.

-Poor English Random gibberish or poor grammar can be a sign of spammers.

-Long Repeating Posts Posts that are abnormally long and just repeat themselves over and over again are another sign of spam.

By using the ability to identify and report spam, you too can help out keeping this a family friendly forums for people that can browse and enjoy without worry.  It also keeps the site running, as spam can get reported to our server host and they may take action to take the site down due to illegal activities.


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I'd just like to add another tell tale sign of a spammer...

Off-Site Links
Odds are any link is bad news and if the topic has NOTHING to do with AXSX then the link is probably not going to be relevant either.

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Boy... I Hope that...


gets in the rule soon...
(How did this happen? I got the 100th post in this category!  smile  )
(this calls for ribbons!)



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Also what's theban list for the Discussion Board?  neutral



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Stickied in light of the recent spambot deluge.


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Moop wrote:

Stickied in light of the recent spambot deluge.

Seems the system you told andrew about is working.  After a few more tweeks everything should be a okay.

The only thing left to do is clear out the remaining spam bots already registered since the system you suggested only stops them from registering.


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I guess we can now start a party and celebrated our victory over spambot?  big_smile

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AleX-treme wrote:

I guess we can now start a party and celebrated our victory over spambot?  big_smile

Not just yet.  We had 8 more register yesterday.  I closed down registration for now and I'm going to get started on my new registration system.

I wanted to get started on it now, but it looks like I got to head off to school.


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Ahh man,, this is going to kick so much ass !



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Agreed. This is great!  big_smile