Topic: Story question

Are we using the final version's story about the Mips and thus no Tiara? And were Tiara and Amy both going to be playable at one point, or had Tiara been scrapped before Amy was considered?


Re: Story question

I heard from somewhere that AXSX's story is going to be a mix of the stories. The final story is the main focus, though, considering Death Egg Zone has to come from somewhere, right? Tiara might also make an appearance in the story.
This is just a guess though.

As for Tiara and Amy being playable, yes, it was planned to have them as playable characters at some point. Tiara was scrapped early on in the Saturn version's development and Amy was scrapped late in development, around the days of Project Condor, but Amy wasn't considered until around Project Condor as well.

Maybe. I don't have a fuckin' clue, these might just be guesses.

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