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I gained a bunch of codes for some servers. Not any servers, BIG servers.

I'm not going to give them out so I don't get murdered but I can tell you, they are legit.

My friend found a ton of Election plans.

long text wrote:

Automatic pie turret cannons (need to be refilled by throwing pies into it + a 60 second cooldown after the 30 seconds are done)
Manual pie cannons (unlimited pie amount, but only 30 seconds allowed at a time plus a cooldown time after)
Each boss comes individually
Each boss gets demoted when defeated
Bosses only appear after the highest cogs of that suit are all defeated
Kamikaze toons from cannons (does damage to the toons but damages cog too)
normal pie throwing (need to add in what ttr did where you can run and charge a pie throw)
ability to use seltzer bottle like piw (holding in) (maybe get code from ceo battle files, idk)
Toonfest tower lowers into chamber underground (need to make models for metal doors or use models to cover for that) and a target landing thing comes up (like from vp battle) (only after the first sellbots are defeated so no one expects it)
instead of the director of ambush marketing, the 4 demoted bosses try to get flippy, but he uses a wedding cake, or some other level 7 gag (to change things up) and defeats all 4 at once
(Maybe) (At the end) After battle is done, slappy comes down from out of the area in his balloon and says he discovered something the cogs were doing and they need to come to the executive tower in bbhq right away and then the toons all tp away and get a preview of some new room and then it fades to credits and leaves a cliffhanger
Throw/drop drop gags on cogs from trees (like the toons do at the beginning of the catching game)
Add an Easter egg round in the TF invasion where Corporate Raiders come around and start dancing (the toon lose battle thing) and sit down at tables and drink while this song plays

I'll research into this. Stay tuned.

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Re: Looking through Toontown sources

Update:Info about the sources

  • TTOff has a commit history dating back to November of last year.

  • Decompiled Phase 14 for TTOff which has some interesting files

  • TTR has election ideas and notes on what to delete

  • Both sources have a Github commit history

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Re: Looking through Toontown sources

Interesting, interesting....

Never played Toontown.
I tried to but I was using a Windows 2000 in 2011.
Not too easy, to say the least.

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Re: Looking through Toontown sources

Play Toontown Rewritten, so good even the main developer plays it.

No, I'm serious.

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