Topic: Old concepts for X-treme I made

I made an old concept for Nack a while ago but I can't remember where it is. I'll look for it.

Here's a quote:

So the area is very open, and you start in the center. Nack is right across from you, and a cutscene starts where he's like "oh no u wont get dah rings of orderp" (LOL, you get the idea).

The battle starts after the cutscene. From here, he has a few moves.

His AI is set to follow you if your not looking sorta like a boo, except if you chase him he runs so this leads to a bit of strategy because of the moves.

The crystal guys from the screenshot below are bombs, they're set to explode after...IDK...10 seconds?

He can also fire in spurts at you, it'd be pretty fast, but you'd still have enough speed to dodge it.

The walls are sort of like a wrestling match fence thing. Nack can lunge himself at you with it, but you can't lunge yourself at him.

So how do you beat him--well, once he lands from the lunge he gets dizzy ('cause he lost so much breath). That's when you hit him.

Once you finish, you get the gem thing...IDK what that should be. I considered it being a chaos emerald, but the Rings of Order would have enough power to get you to go super...

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Re: Old concepts for X-treme I made

Hmm. Interesting idea.

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